About us

Loyal North is a new and exciting development in the IFA acquisition market. We believe certain things cannot be robotised. There will always be a place for person-to-person financial advice on important decisions, and Loyal North wants to safeguard the future of advice, in a world that is seemingly moving towards technology and automation.

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Unlike many acquirers who are simply looking to buy assets, rebrand the business and novate clients into a rigidly centralised investment proposition, we prefer to buy into and partner with well-regarded Firms to provide an amicable exit for the shareholders whilst protecting and sustaining the business for the future, ensuring continuity and security for both clients and staff alike.

The long-term strategy of Loyal North is to focus on growing the business organically through acquisitions of local IFA practices, which we also hope to develop further through our unique marketing initiatives, back office support and nexus of experience.

When you join Loyal North, you do not join a network. You join tradition, experience and a focus towards safeguarding the future of traditional Independent Financial Advice. We want to support the continuity of your firm, commit to your clients and ensure quality in the ownership of your firm.

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