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We are interested in partnering with well-respected Firms who have established a strong and valued brand, clear of any regulatory issues and keen to provide a positive capital event for their shareholders whilst ensuring the future success and profitability of the business moving forward.

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A recent example of this approach is Lowland Financial:

Lowland Financial was established in December 2000 and are based in Galashiels, Scottish Borders. Graeme Mitchell, the sole adviser, has over 40 years of experience and is supported by a team with a combined tenure of 35 years under Graeme. Lowland advises clients in and around the Scottish borders, and specialise in retirement planning. They primarily concentrate on reviewing and working with existing clients to ensure their pension plans are up to date. Lowland prides themselves on the referrals they obtain for new business and regularly featuring in press articles, both national and trade, in order to share their message and expertise within the pensions space. The business was attracted to Loyal North because the adviser did not have to make huge changes to adapt to other company’s processes and procedures, meaning the staff, name and locations did not change.

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