Here at Loyal North, we feel our proposition is unique. We want to invest in the businesses looking for a more personal experience who also want to build a lasting partnership that continues the good work that has already taken place, often over many years.

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We are primarily focused on IFAs who are planning to retire, exit the industry over the next 3 to 5 years or simply want to partner with a firm to achieve a significant capital event in the future whilst ensuring the best servicing for their clients and for them.

Loyal North’s culture allows IFAs to maintain their individual trading style, staff, and premises. We don’t force clients into any centralized investment proposition or products and services managed by us. We want to have continuity, keep you in control, benefitting from the upsides of our proposition. We can also give the owners more leverage for development via a dedicated support team and accessible finance.

We are not consolidators. We are acquiring firms across the country with the idea of having a nationwide presence of shared knowledge, experience and legacy. We want to guide the company through development, and let the owners retire from the business in an orderly fashion without affecting the business dramatically.

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